How to download all photos from a Facebook Album at once

There can be a lot of situations in which you might want to download all the photos a Facebook album contains. When the number of photos present in a Facebook album is in hundreds, you won't even dare to think of opening every single photo and click the Download button every time to download each of them. To save you from this hassle, we shall help you get hold of all the pics present in a Facebook folder in just a few clicks. So, if you want to download full Facebook album, keep reading.
The images will show up like this, in your browser

How to Download Full Facebook Photo Album at once:

  • Download FB Album Mod extension. You must be using Chrome to use the extension we are going to use. A greasemonkey script will make it work on Firefox too, but we shall be guiding you for Chrome only.
  • Once installed, go to the Facebook album you want to download. All albums can be accessed by going to the Timeline of the person/page whose album you want to download. Then click on the Photos link there. You will see a few tabs named Photos of XYZ, Photos and Albums. Click Albums.
  • Open the album you want to download. Now, click on the Facebook icon appears in the address bar (or Omnibox). It is sitting beside the Bookmark icon.
  • A small floating window will appear on clicking this button. In this window, untick the Explore other extensions checkbox. If you are downloading an album with lots of photos, tick the large album optimize checkbox.
  • Hit the bluish Normal button.
  • After some time (depending on the number of photos you are trying to download), a new tab will appear in your browser. Jump to that tab.
  • In that tab, hit Ctrl. + S  key combination. In the popup window that appears asking you the location where you want to save the web page, change the Save as Type dropdown's value to Webpage, complete.
  • The webpage will now be saved on your PC. Whether online or offline, open that file in your favorite browser (in our case, it is Chrome), click on any photo to enlarge it and use arrow keys to navigate through them. See the first image to have an idea about how the images show up in the browser. Otherwise, go to the folder in which you saved the webpage and find all the images saved there.
If you are interested to know whose album I downloaded, it was Raanjhanaa's official page's album which contained about 240 images. The movie has been giving me sleepless nights since the day I have watched the movie. Haven't been impacted so much by any movie before. Droidiser would be the last place you look to get a movie recommendation, but seriously, if you haven't watched Raanjhanaa, go do it now. It is still running in a few theatres.

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