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You will need the whole life to advance yourself in learning a foreign language. Even spending the whole life sifting through books and dictionaries, you will not be able to know it completely. Therefore, everybody needs a quality translator or a dictionary. Both for those who just started to learn the language, and for the more advanced learners.

Even with a good knowledge of a foreign language you often encounter unfamiliar words - in publications, official documents and in everyday situations, especially abroad. Quick translation and replenishing your vocabulary will help you to surmount the difficulty in understanding foreigners and will give you an indispensable help! The below-mentioned applications and programs are extremely helpful if you are a writer on pay for an essay or Gengo where you need to search for appropriate words and synonyms all the time.


1. ABBYY Lingvo Live

Price: Free.
Platforms: browser, iOS.

Even in large dictionaries there is no translation of many professional terms and idioms - only experts can tell you what they mean. To facilitate the search for the correct translation in such difficult cases, ABBYY company launched a social networking service Lingvo Live.

Each registered user can post a request here to translate the incomprehensible expressions, phrases or the whole text. Other registered users answer the requests, offering their versions of translation. All such questions with answers form a separate dictionary.

In addition to this variant of vocabulary, 130 specialized dictionaries for 14 languages are available for the users free of charge, so that Lingvo Live can be used as an ordinary electronic dictionary. The dictionaries of the new service differ from the paid Lingvo Dictionaries in some functional limitations - in particular, they do not have the function of translating the words with pictures.

In the future, the company plans to turn the service into a platform for learning languages ​​and freelance exchange for professional translators, who can use it to search for work.

2. Google Translate - mobile polyglot

Price: Free.
Platform: Browser, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Free translator from the Internet colossus - one of the leaders in the number of supported languages. There are more than 80, including rare for Russian oriental languages. Service has got a lot of convenient extra features and works on almost all platforms.

To use the translator, it is not necessary to have an internet connection - some dictionaries packs can be pre-downloaded to your gadget. Each user can add their own translation options in a personal dictionary and synchronize it with all your devices.

Google Translate offers many options for entering words and phrases in a foreign language.
A text can be typed on the keyboard, written on the touch screen or you can make a photograph of the text- the last way is convenient to translate paper documents, inscriptions on signs or restaurant menus.

The service allows you to overcome the language barrier, even in person: in this case, a pocket gadget will recognize dictated speech, translate phrases, and voice them back to the interlocutor in another language with the help of a speech synthesizer.

Similarly, the responses will be translated to help people understand each other, absolutely not familiar with each other's language.

3. Line - Chat with automatic translation

Price: Free.
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Windows, Mac OS.

The4 automatic translation is offered by Line. A special bot allows you to communicate with people from all over the world in English, without knowing a single foreign word. This bot is a software that translates phrases of the interlocutors on the spot.

You can use this option only in the text chat Line: other possibilities of the messenger (sending voice messages and video calls) are not supported.

The user needs to add @lineruen bot account to their friends and invite it in those chat rooms, which need translating. The program will automatically convert all messages sent from one language into English or any other language and additional phrases — from one language into another one.

4. Slated - keyboard translator

Price: $ 4.99.
Platform: iOS.

Apple gadget users have the possibility of instant translation of all sent and received messages in all the applications. For this intended application the keyboard Slated will be perfect. It works on the iPhone, and on iPad as well.

The program replaces the standard keyboard of iOS system, a little different from it, and in its appearance, and the possibilities of typing.

When typing the phrase Slated offers its translation into one of the supported languages by typing the text, the user can immediately send the other interlocutor its equivalent in a foreign language.

The keyboard is a system program, so you can use the translation feature in any application - in instant messengers, browsers, and even text editors. Just copy the answers of another person to the clipboard to translate them.

The usage of the translator requires an internet connection. The program does not use its own dictionaries, it sends requests to the Google translation service. The advantage of this solution is as follows: small size of the application, it supports a large number of languages.

5. Easy Copy Translate — translate with a single touch

Price: Free.
Platform: Android.

Most programs for the translation has got some serious drawbacks. The user has to constantly switch between the original text in a foreign language and translation software - even when you need to see the translation of only one unknown word or expression.

On a computer where there is Windows or Mac OS, of course, it is done easily and quickly, but on mobile devices to constantly switch between applications is uncomfortable. This problem is solved by the application Easy Copy Translate, supporting many languages.

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