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Cool Multitouch Effect in Gallery

Ding Dong,Readers!!! Time for my daily post :)

In the gallery app,pinch on one of your folders shown and zoom,slicing your fingers to the different corners to start a mini slideshow.Read on the full post for the snapshot and more. 
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When you Enter the gallery app on your android device,you see some awesome animations(like the tilting effect),but I'm sure many of you would have missed this one (because I too found it out months later,Accidentally!!)
So,here's the simplest step-by-step guide ever made in history:

  • Open the App drawer.
  • Open the gallery app (duh)
  • You will see all the photos and videos present in your device grouped according to folders.
  • Put your any two fingers (you can also choose a thumb and a finger,lol) on any of the folders thumbnail.
  • Move your fingers in opposite direction while keeping them both both on the screen as you would generally do while Pinching and Zooming into pictures.
  • Enjoy the mini slideshow :)
  • Below is a step-by-step screenshot Guide
Open Gallery from the App

Folder view in Gallery App
Note: This will ONLY work on Android devices supporting multitouch which is mostly present on all phones with a capacitive touch screen.

You can flaunt this visual treat to your friends also;Especially if they are not having an Android phone ;)

Comment if you find this effect awesome or if you're not able to get this working (Damn!,It is too easy)
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