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Q. What is Droidiser?

A. Droidiser is a tech enthusiast website providing you with tips and tricks that you  need to get things done on your gadgets and gizmos,with occasional news regarding Android world. You would be wondering what the hell does Droidiser mean.Well,I am in the same boat here. When signing up on XDA,Droidiser came to my mind from nowhere when I was filling the username box. You can think of it as "Mesmerized by Droid" or something like that. It is also my online Alias.  Droidiser sounds cool and simple, doesn't it?

Q.How should I pronounce Droidiser?
A. Well, that's what I call a witty question. Droidiser is meant to be pronounced as droid-izer. Droid as in Android and -izer as in Neutralizer. The word Droidiser is actually based on neutralizer. Neutralizer , according to thefreedictionary, means to make neutral. Similarly, Droidiser means "to droid", makes sense, na?

Q. Who are you?

A. I'm , 18, from Delhi,India. I am the editor-in-chief, author, founder and
everything of this website. I am a to-be Computer Engineer and currently learning various programming lanuages to be an efficient software programmer. I am in love with everything that's tech,be it computers, iPhones, laptops, smartphones or whatever. My family and friends come to me whenever they face any technical difficulties on their gizmos. Solving their problems, a thought cam in my mind that there are many people in the world who are not at ease with tech stuff. That's when I started blogging, which has become my favorite pastime now-a-days. It feels nice when people are helped by whatever I write. Last year,I hopped into the wonderful Android world when my Dad bought me a mid-range Android mobile Spice Mi 310. From then onwards,It was no looking back. I rooted my phone the next day I bought it. I literally wasted my class XII because of that silly Android moile, but the time I wasted gave me quite a lot of experience about this awesome open-source OS. I have tested thousands of apps on my Mi 310. All these things alongwith the time I spend on the XDA forums gave me enough knowledge to write on such topics. I hope my posts are helpful to every single person who decides to give a heed to it after reading title.

Q. What's the vision behind Droidiser.com?

A. Droidiser.com was started to fulfill only one motive: to help people, who are not so technically sound, in their day-to-day tech problems. I want that whenever someone encounters a tutorial on Droidiser, he just exclaims, " Wow! A tutorial on Droidiser.com! I can easily follow it." I also love to share anything that interests me, because my readers and I have stunningly same taste.

Q. Do you provide paid content for free?

A. NO!!! If any direct download link for anything is provided, it's obviously going to be free or trial version of that software. Please go anywhere else for wares, this site completely adheres to the laws, and believes that the developer's hard work should not be distributed around for free.

Q. I want to advertise on your website!

Q. How can I follow you on social networking sites?

A. Visit here: Follow Droidiser

Q. How can I contact you?

A. Contact me using the Contact form.

Q. Your site contains my copyrighted content!

A. OK,that's serious. I try my best not to violate someone's copyright. I take prior permission for using any copyrighted content and provide due credits to their hard work. If you find any violation of your copyright,I deeply regret that. Please drop me a mail at gaurav@droidiser.com or at gaurav@droidiser.com and I will remove the content A.S.A.P.


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