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Droidiser was started back in the month of April, 2012. Since then, I have achieved quite a lot of accolades for my work on this blog. As a result, the traffic has been booming the past few months and do I need to explain that I'm happy with the progresses I'm making. Given the amount of time I have to invest on this blog, I hope to at least cover the running expenses of this website. That's why, advertisers are welcomed.

Current Traffic Stats:

The traffic on my blog has been on the rise since the beginning. The daily pageviews (currently) are averaging nearly 7,000, so the current monthly pageviews are > 200,000.
To sum the things up:
  • Daily pageviews: 7,000 and increasing
  • Monthly Pageviews: 200,000 and above
  • Google Pagerank: 3
  • Alexa Rank: 150,000 and improving (reached 50,000 at one point, fell recently due to inactivity caused by some personal problems)
  • Avg. Time on Site: 3 minutes
  • Pages viewed per visit: 2.3
  • Bounce Rate: 62%
  • New Visits: 75%
I am providing the advertisers a wide range of advertisement sizes and types. The prices currently I will are low, given the fact that this blog is still quite new.

Various Advertising Options Available to you:

Advertising Options Available Price (Negotiable)
468*60 Sized banner (Header) $40 per month
728*90 Sized banner (Leader bar) $60 per month
300*250 Sized Banner (sidebar) $75 per month
Sponsored Posts $150 one-time fee
App/Product Review (Unbiased) Variable
You can contact me using the contact form below for pricing negotiations and for the advertising deal to actually take place.

Payment Mode:

I accept payments via Paypal and Electronic Fund Transfers made to my bank account.


The prices mentioned above are decently negotiable. Just shoot me an email using the contact form below (or directly at dalbirsgahlyan[at] And I shall get back to you within a light year.