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Leaked Stuff from Galaxy S3 (Biggest Collection)

Around 3 weeks ago,Samsung launched its current flagship smartphone "Galaxy S III" which is being hailed by many as the fastest smartphone money can buy at present.The launch showcased many of the embedded software features coming with the S III,be it the "Smart Stay" feature,the SIRI competitor "S Voice" and the much hyped news reading iOS app "Flipboard." Even before the smartphone could be launched,some geeky friends at xda leaked almost everything on board for people to run on their existing Android smartphone including the Flipboard app which was supposed to be exclusive to the S III before it would be launched for all Android devices.This article is a collection of everything from the S III which people have been able to get working on other Android devices.
Full App pack from GS3 can be downloaded here (credits to ithehappy)
For proper ports and installation instructions,read the full post below...

The "S Voice"
If you are an avid reader/an iFan,then you must have heard of something called Siri.You guessed it right,it is the much advertised Voice controlled personal assistant and S Voice is Samsung's quite late response to it.It has its own flaws though,and you gotta need a bit of luck to get it running on your device.
Installation instructions (credits to elimedina2000)

  1. Download ZIP file here or from below and copy the extracted folder to your sd card.
  2. It has 2 files in it named Voicetalk.apk and
  3. Copy voicetalk.apk to /sytem/app using root explorer.
  4. Long click on it and select permissions (You need to mount r/w for this) and change the permissions to rw-r--r--,which means the box named read and write in the owner row needs to be ticked while only read box of the next two rows should be ticked.(Attaching a screenshot showing the same)
  5. Copy to /system/lib.
  6. Reboot and have fun :)

Download S Voice here

Alternative to S Voice:
Because it's an Android,we have a plethora of other choices available on the Play Store.I'm listing a few most popular ones,visit the play store link for more info on these apps.
Iris(aka Micromax's Aisha app)                          Speaktoit Assistant
Skyvi                                                                Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Flipboard App
Flipboard is a magazine styled news reader and got viral on the iOS platform.Personally,I found nothing better in it than the Pulse or the Google currents app,but still,the download link is given below for you to try it out.
Download Flipboard APK here

Alternative to Flipboard
There's a bunch of similar,and I would say better apps in the play store for the same purpose of satisfying your reading needs,listing a few of them here.
Pulse News                                Google Reader                                   Google Currents

S Suggest
S Suggest,as the name suggests is an application which suggests you applications on the basis of what you've already installed,just like HTC Hub,and according to those who've used it,it helps them find a lot of entertaining apps which otherwise,they wouldn't have found.
Download Links: Rapidshare Link                     Hotfile Link                  UploadedTo Link

Alternative to S Suggest
Market Suggest is a good alternative I found on the play store.It does the same suggestion work,so you might want to try it out if you like the concept behind S Suggest but not the App.

TouchwizUX for Galaxy S II
You can find information regarding touchwizux port for the sgs2 and the required files here.

Galaxy S III Launcher For ICS hdpi Devices

Yes,you can you have a go at the awesome launcher that comes stock with the galaxy S III.
Just two simple requirements (which knocks off my chances to test it out) :

  • You need to be running Ice Cream Sandwich i.e. Android Version 4.0 or greater or any other custom ROM based on it,including Cyanogenmod and MIUI.
  • Your device must have a screen resolution of either 480x800 or 720x1280.If you're not sure of your device's screen resolution,you can find it by Googling "your_device_name Specs" and you will get the required info about your device.

Download it here.

Alternate for Galaxy S III's Fast Burst mode

"Fast Burst Camera" app can take upto 30 photos per second depending on your device,just like the default S III camera app does.
Download it here

Galaxy S III Ringtones
Download ithe full ringtones pack from: Filefactory Link           Freakshare Link

Galaxy S III Wallpapers
Download from Mediafire here

Galaxy S III Icon Pack
Download from Mediafire here

Dandelion Live Wallpaper
Download it from zippyshare here

Other apps which might/might not work on your device
(Credit to ithehappy,originally posted here)

With this I conclude this long article.It took me hours of research (literally) to put this stuff together,so you might consider sharing it with your friends if you appreciate my work.
If there is any problem with installation of any app,post below,I can be a help.