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How to Root HTC Desire C

Affordable and Elegant: HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C is the recently released economy class handset in the Desire series by HTC and boasts of some of the best in class specs and features at the given price point.It is available for around 13.4k in India. No doubt, if you know what rooting is, you surely would want to root up your charming new device to make it work just the way you want it to, to customize it the way you want, to play Tegra 3d games, to increase its internal memory, RAM and what not. This isn't a "pros of Rooting", so, I am not going to list all that stuff here again.

Let's list down the stuff you will need:

  • A windows/ mac/ linux PC
  • A decent Internet connection (for a 5 mb download)
  • Of course,a Desire C
  • A teaspoon of patience, common sense and courage each
Note: If you have got yourself a retail model, you need to get your device's bootloader unlocked by visiting
Let's get the process started:
  1. Download Superboot here.
  2. Extract the zip file you downloaded above using WinZIp/ WinRar or anything else.
  3. Power off your device and boot into the bootloader by pressing power on+ volume up + volume down keys simultaneously till the screen lits up.

  • If you're on a windows PC, double click on the file named install-superboot-windows.bat
  • If running mac OS, Open a terminal window to the folder which contains the files you extracted in step #2 and give the following command
    'chmod +x'
    and then this one
  • If running the open sourced Linux operating system, you're supposed to give the below command after you open a terminal window to the folder containing the extracted files
    'chmod +x'
    and finally the below one:

Thanks to Modaco founder Paul O'Brien for the original thread here. You can visit the original thread if you face any problems because I don't have the device, so I can't test anything. You can ask anything in general, though.