Facebook dethrones Google to become Alexa #1

Facebook overtakes Google in Alexa Rankings

A recent Alexa update made Google's worst fears come true as Facebook dethroned Google from the #1 position in the debated Alexa ranking system. This means that Facebook now garners more pageviews than Google does. Google was sitting at the coveted top position in Alexa rankings for a long time.
The current top 10 websites in the world are:
  1. Facebook
  2. Google
  3. YouTube
  4. Yahoo!
  5. Baidu
  6. Wikipedia
  7. Windows Live
  8. Twitter
  9. QQ
  10. Amazon
However, Google is still at the top in our Incredible India and in U.S. too. The top 10 sites  for India are listed here and that of U.S. should be here.
Coming back to the story, the jump to the #1 rank should give Zuckerberg a reason to cheer amid his woes over the declining stock rates. If Facebook somehow finds out a more efficient advertising system, then the hefty number of pageviews could be converted into some mind boggling cash figures. The main thing Facebook needs to do is to find some advertising solutions for the website's mobile version as a huge percentage of the visits to the website is made by people on the go on their mobile devices. Facebook has itself admitted that it has failed to monetize the mobile visits properly.

The day Facebook learns how to monetize its resources, as nicely as Google does, Apple wouldface some stiff competition in the race of being the first Trillion dollar company.
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