HTML 5 versus Adobe on Apple products

The verdict is already in on this debate and that’s due to the fact that Adobe had to concede defeat. At the time I was shocked by Apples decision to replace a mobile casino and gaming platform that had faithfully been supported by them for so long, but when I see the quality of the games now available for play on an iPad casino I understand why Apple made the decision to go with HTML 5 as a better alternative. Flash was created for the PC era, a fact Steve Jobs made public when he announced his intention to move away from Flash and Adobe and run with HTML 5, he said that the mobile era is all about touch screens, open web standards and low power devices, all areas that Adobe was falling short on and had failed to meet expectations by mobile casino and mobile device enthusiasts.

HTML 5 could be developed to be compatible with casino iPad games and other mobile casino requirements and with such a huge demand for Apples business it was easy for them to choose an alternative that would suit their needs. iPad casino games perfectly show off how Apples decision was the right one , and even though ending their long relationship with Adobe made ripples in the tech world they showed they were not afraid to take a risk to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

The mobile casino industry is booming and in order to be a success in this sphere the games need to be safe, secure and reliable, 3 aspects that Apple knew Adobe Flash fell short of on a mobile platform. In 2009 Symantec outed Flash as having one of the worst security records, not ideal when millions of players are relying on iPad casino games to provide them with safe and secure gaming, and a bad reputation in this sphere would have seriously jeopardised Apples future when it came to mobile casino gaming. Flash was highlighted as one of the major reasons Apple products crashed, not an ideal situation for anyone using their iPad or iPhone to game on. Adobe never performed well on a mobile device and they knew it, and after Apple had made the decision to move away from Adobe and run with the more robust and reliable HTML 5 Adobe publicly conceded that Apple had been correct and stopped trying to develop a flash player that would be mobile compatible, moving their focus over to Adobe air and online development, a clear win in favour of Apple.
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