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7 reasons to ditch iPad mini for Nexus 7

Showdown: iPad Mini vs Nexus 7

The over-hyped iPad mini was finally launched this week, amid a lot of fanfare, a typical Apple product launch,one can say. Having a look at the specs of the new addition to the iPad series, I was wondering how one could make his mind to buy it. Still, to prove me wrong, this device will certainly attract a lot of iFans, confirming the theory that at present, Apple can sell a rotten tomato in a shiny package in really mind-boggling quantity. Ladies and Gentleman, let me present to you the 10 reasons I would go for a Nexus 7 rather than the iPad mini.

  1. I'm not an iFan!That's the biggest reason. I am not a diehard iFan and thus will want to have a look at the choices I have in the market rather than buy whatever Apple launches.
    not an iFan!

  2. Nexus 7 runs on Android and iPad mini doesn't:
    I love Android!
    I don't want to run into the debate of which os is better. But, I have to confess, having used both iOS and Android, I am hugely inclined towards Android. Android is an open source operating system, the amount of development on it is insanely huge. Look: You have to jailbreak an iPhone, that's because the iOS makes you feel like your device is prisoned in a jail. Isn't it weird that just to install an app from outside the app store, your iPhone needs to be jailbroken? Android gives everyone a lots of freedom, and I just love that.

    1. Outdated A5 processor:
      It's been quite a while since Apple hasn't created something innovative, and is playing catch-up to the technology available elsewhere. Dear Apple, it just doesn't work. What's the reason behind putting a rusty A5 dual core processor in the shining new iPad mini. $329 isn't enough for you to be able to power it with the processor that powers the new iPad?  Nexus 7 which comes for approximately half the price, features a quad core processor, so why should I go back to the iPad 2 technology when something newer, faster and better is available at cheaper rates?
    2. No Retina Display:
      The trimmed down iPad is a bigger bummer than the trimmed down Galaxy S III. Retina display has been one of the  most advertised feature for the iPad and iPhone series. It's absent in the iPad mini. And it's absent by a long margin. The ppi density of iPad mini is just 163, with a lame 1024x768 resolution. My $100 Android phone, which I bought two years back, has a ppi density of 167 ppi. I can't bear an even worse picture quality. The pixels will surely be notable. If they are not, you can't really enjoy 720p videos unless your device has a nice resolution. Nexus 7 has a 720p display with a significantly higher 216 ppi density, with the resolution being 1280x800.
    3. It's not a 7 incher:
      What's the point behind introducing a smaller tablet if it's not small enough. Apple now-a-days does innovates by discovering new (read odd) screen sizes. If I need a bigger screen, I can buy the new iPad. The extra half inch in the iPad mini just decreases the portability factor of the device, a reason for which most people would have preferred it over the 10" iPad. The Nexus 7 comes with standard 7 inch screen and thus is easier to use and handle.
    4. $329? You gotta be kidding me!
      Apple loves money. Me too!
      That was my reaction, when I heard the price after learning about the specs of the device. Nexus 7 beats the iPad mini in almost all section and is priced at $199 for the 16 GB version while the 32 GB version can be obtained for $249. If rumors are to be believed, these prices are going to be further decreased with the launch of Nexus 7 32 GB this 29th October. For a comparison, iPad mini with 32 GB memory will cost you $459. Additional $120 just for the extra 16 GB storage? You gotta be kidding me!
    5. Nexus 7 can connect to USB devices:
      Nexus 7 comes with a standard micro-USB port. That means using a cheap adapter will allow you to connect external keyboard or mouse. The same isn't true for iPad mini. It comes with the lightening connector, which can't work the same way as the micro-USB port. Rather it will just compel you to buy a new expensive adapter to make your current Apple stuff work with it.
    Verdict: Just the sexy looks and the fact that it's Apple won't make me buy an iPad mini. I shall prefer the Nexus 7, undoubtedly.

    P.S. I have tried to be as neutral as possible, still I guess, my love for Android and hatred for Apple might have become obvious to you. Please don't complain, that's the way I am!

    Come'on iFans. I want to hear your opinions. Can any of you convince me to buy an iPad mini?