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Move apps/games data from internal sdcard to external

These days, it has become a tradition for device manufacturers to ship Android phones with respectable amount of internal storage with two partitions of the internal storage: One meant for system storage while the other one acts as an internal sdcard. If you move apps to your sdcard, those apps will go to internal sdcard, instead of the external one. That makes external sdcard available and useful only for storing songs, movies and other such stuffs. All the sd data of heavy games is stored in internal storage too. Thus, while this partitioning style may work fine in phones with extravagant amounts of internal storage like (Galaxy Note II with 16 GB of internal space), it's more of a bane for phones with lower internal storage (like the Micromax A110 with 2 GB of internal space).

XDA member Slig has created an application called Directory Bind which "binds" the two directories thus making installation of HD games and apps of gigantic size easy. The app requires your phone to be rooted.
To get this application to work:
  1. Make sure you are rooted.
  2. Download Directory Bind and install the app using any file manager.
  3. Create a folder in the external sdcard for the app/game data which you want to move. Name it anything you can recognize it with.
  4. By long tapping on the source and target fields, you can select the path from which you want to move to the path to which you want the data to be moved. Source (data) path is the location to which you want your app/game data to be moved while target path is the location at which the data is currently present.
  5. Make sure the Transfer files box is checked so that the files are automatically copied to the folder in the external sdcard.
  6. To select external sdcard, you will need to press "up" button at the bottom right of the screen, and then tap on "mnt" to select whichever location you want.
    Directory Bind: How to Use
    1. This way you can move all your apps data to the external sdcard and enjoy more HD games by using a external sdcard of large size (32 GB?).
    If the steps seem confusing to you, watch this video.
    Join the XDA thread for this app for support from the developer. Thanks to Mujahidali for bringing this extremely useful app to my notice. Follow us in the meanwhile to get more useful tips and guides.