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Leak: Cost Price and End User Price of every Micromax Mobile!

Thanks to some trusted sources, I have got hold of some exclusive stuff for you guys! The cost price and selling price of every single phone made by Micromax is available in that list. If that doesn't excite you, what if I tell you that even the prices of every single part used in the phone are available! Micromax doesn't appear to be making fortunes off the mobiles they sell. The margin in most cases being less than 15% per device sold.

Let me disclose the prices of some of the recent phones that are selling quite rapidly.
                                                 Cost Price                               End User Price
Micromax A110:                        INR 8699.00                                 INR 9568.90
Micromax A25:                          INR 3322.00                                 INR 3654.20
Micromax A57:                          INR 4249.00                                 INR 4673.90                        
Micromax A75:                          INR 7172.00                                 INR 7889.20
Micromax A87:                          INR  5139.00                                INR 5652.90
Micromax A90S:                         INR 11361.00                               INR 12497.10

The Cheapest Item:
Among the prices of the parts of the phones, the cheapest part was a screw used in Micromax X455, which costed the company a phenomenal INR 0.11 while the end user had to shell out INR 0.12 for each one of them. 
The Most Expensive Spare Part:
The most expensive part my eyes could sort out of the really long list was the Super Amoled 4.3" LCD screen used in the Micromax A90S which costed the company INR 6084.96 while the end user had to pay INR 6693.46 for the same.

You can download the file here. You will need winzip/7zip to extract the file and an excel reader like Microsoft Excel to view the file. Happy Number Crunching!