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Over 9k Micromax Canvas HD were booked on the first day itself!

Just as everyone expected, all the hype Micromax A116 canvas HD had generated seems to paid off. A press note released by Micromax reveals the amount of bookings garnered by A116 within its first day. And the results are really impressive.

The first 300 units of Micromax A116 were sold within first 15 minutes of the start of the booking. The full day bookings swung up to 9000 units, which is even more impressive when a banner states on the website that the second lot of the phone may take up to 21 business days. So, even after the first lot was booked, people weren’t discouraged by the 21 day delay they would be facing, they were just desperate to get their hands on one. And I didn’t saw any viral marketing campaign from Micromax either, like some other companies do before launching their flagship device. The public announcement of these statistics by Micromax seems to be an open warning to the heavyweights of this price category: Samsung and others. It would be interesting to watch if any reputed brand is often to pull out a wonder to stop this Canvas bandwagon.

It is already known that all the orders currently being taken are prepaid only and no "Cash on Delivery"option is present right now. So, a quick marriage of this logic with my calculator proves that Snapdeal must have received over 12 crores, 59 lacs and ten thousand rupees in advance just for Canvas HD within a day! Wow. Another interesting thing I noticed is that although the first lot of the Canvas HD was expected to reach the customers within 5-7 days, some people have already started receiving their products, while others seeing a “Shipped” status and are expecting their phone anytime soon. This lights up a new ray of hope that the phones which are promised to be delivered to the end users within 21 days might end up in their laps even earlier. Let’s see if Micromax is able to handle the Canvas’s “Carnaama” and if it is able to deliver the huge order within the promised timeframe.

It might seem a bit of exaggeration right now, but what Galaxy S series did to Samsung in the world market, seems like Canvas series might be doing the same to Micromax in the Indian market. Good work, Micromax. Way to go, several markets to conquer!
Are you getting the phones in the first lot? Or you are in the 21 day waiting list? Do express your views in the comment box below. By the way, if I seemed too excited in the article, then, don’t know why, but yes, I am excited about things to happen in the market.