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Time Saving Tip: Use Chrome's Omnibar as a Calculator

A few days back, I was trying to use Google’s calculator. You know, by entering any arithmetic equation in Google search bar, Google’s calculator appear on the search page. I entered an equation into Chrome’s address bar, or omnibar, as it is called, and to my surprise, the calculation was done by Chrome itself, as in the subsequent lines in which normally search suggestions appear, the answer appears.

When I wandered through the internet , checking if I was the first one who got it, obviously, I was disheartened by the fact that quite a lot of people already knew of this, and that I hadn’t done an invention. :P Still, I wanted to share this little handy and time saving tip with my readers and decided to write this article.

It would surely save you at least a few seconds when you were browsing the internet and wanted to do a calculation. I think you would save about 5-10 seconds if you tried to calculate using Calculator by going to My programs and all other mess, and 1-2 seconds if you pressed enter after inputting the stuff to use the Google calculator. That isn’t a lot of a time, and isn’t going to increase your life span or provide you a extra hours of sleep, but it is a trick that is nice to know, and to show off to your friends. I am sharing a few sample images with some sample input to explain more than I probably could in a 1000 words. Yes, the old saying is right: A picture explains better than 1000 words. Or whatever that saying was, I know you got the point.

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Using Google as a calculator

Share this cool tip with your friends to save some of their time too.