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How to see saved passwords on Google Chrome (And how to protect yourself)

You can see all of your (and someone else's) saved passwords without any need for authorization. That's the only thing I hate about Google Chrome. It doesn't store our saved passwords in any encrypted file nor behind any master password. (As long as you are signed in to Chrome.)

Open up settings in Google Chrome and select the option to show advanced settings. In the extended options that pop up afterwards, select the option to Manage Saved Passwords. In the pop up that opens up, a list of saved passwords will appear. Click on any of the entries and a Show button will appear adjacent to the password field, clicking which you will be able to view the password in plain text.

To simplify things up for you, I have made a really short video:

If you want yourself to be secured against this, there are two options:
  1. Don't save your passwords in Chrome.
  2. Watch this video.
  3. In the video above, we are using a small handy extension called ChromePW which can secure you from any unauthorized access, using a master password which unlocks the browser when you launch it.
  4. Other options include password managers, most prominent of which is Lastpass.
Enjoy secure browsing! And may be some tinkering around with someone's passwords. If you aren't able to replicate anything shown in the video, comment below.