How to Opt-in to try Facebook's upcoming "clutterfree"newsfeed

Any Facebook junkie, who wished that Facebook should move away from its text centric look to something more refreshing, something that soothes the eyes, couldn't have been happier than today. Facebook engineers were quite restlessly working in that direction. And the end product is in front of us. A more beautiful, clutterfree newsfeed - according to Facebook.

Not everyone would agree that the new look is more clean and beautiful, just like everyone wasn't a fan of the Timeline. But as in the case of Timeline, this new update will start being pushed on all accounts within about two weeks. If you aren't a hater, and rather like the new look and would want to test it out earlier than your friends (and maybe tease then a bit), you can join the waiting list here. You have to be on the desktop version of Facebook to do that, otherwise you will see a "Coming Soon" message at the bottom of the page, instead of the "Join the waiting list" message that you want.

Lately, Facebook had released Graph Search, which also changes the way the Facebook header looks. So, if you want to opt-in to that too, you can do so here.

If you want to know what's the idea behind all this new stuff that's happening behind the scenes at Facebook, you would enjoy this video.

So, enjoy the new looks of your Facebook account, and tease everyone else who're still on the old interface. Follow us via socialiser.

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