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Micromax A115 set to be launched soon

Just yesterday, I noticed a new handset deep down on Micromax’s website. The handset is named Micromax A115. Going by the model number of the device, I expect this new device to not to be a part of the canvas series. Because I expect the next Canvas to come with better specs and as 115<116, I think the phone will be short in features as compared with the A116 Canvas HD.

When it was announced that the next phone in the Canvas series, i.e. Canvas HD is Micromax A116. I was left wondering why it wasn’t named A115 instead of A116, because a ‘5’ sounds better than a ‘6’. No? But it may be just me. I am talking about all these sill things because right now, I don’t have any information about the phone other than it’s model number.
It isn't an A115. I don't
have any pic of it yet.

The few things we can estimate from the model number A115 is that because the model number starts with an ‘A’, it is surely an Android phone. The other thing is, given Micromax’s history of naming its Android line-up, the phone will be more powerful than A110 but a tad bit weaker than Micromax A116 in terms of hardware.

The phone may be a slightly trimmed down version of the Canvas HD, still powered by quad core but might not have a 720p screen. Front camera’s quality might be reduced and it may end up running on the older Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is also possible that Micromax is introducing this phone in order to give the 10k quad-core Karbonn S1 a fight.
Note: Whatever I am writing about the specs of the phone is purely fictional and there are strong chances that it might be wrong. Everything else (i.e. the launch of a phone named Micromax A115) is sure to happen.

What do you think about the device? Let me know your wild guesses about this upcoming model. I shall keep you updated with the latest happenings on this device. Don't forget to share this story with your friends to let them know that they will have another option to look for if they are thinking about buying a phone in the 10k bracket. Stay tuned!