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Root Spice Mi 530 and Install Clockworkmod Recovery

Micromax android phones have seemingly took a lot of the market share in the mid-end price range. This can be gauged by the absence of buzz in the launch of new mobile phones by other companies. Spice Mi 530 is another such phone, which hadn’t received any development stuff since the month or two of its launch, well, not till day before yesterday when agmtpd released cwm for the device.

Before you proceed:
  1. Read about what is rooting and some cool things you can do once you root your device.
  2. By rooting your phone, your warranty will be voided. By following this guide, you also agree that you won’t blame anyone if you end up harming your device.

How to Root Spice Mi 530:

    Spice Mi 530 Root Install Clockworkmod
  1. Open Settings, then Development and finally tap on USB Debugging to enable it.
  2. Install drivers for your phone using pdanet.
  3. Download Bin4ry Root Tool v18.
  4. Extract the zip file you downloaded in the step above, and double click the RunMe.bat batch file.
  5. In the subsequent Command Prompt thing that opens, follow the onscreen instructions.
  6. To start off, you have to enter ‘1’ when the tool asks you for the device type.
  7. The tool will start working to root your mobile. In the process, you will asked to press the restore button on your phone. Doing so will reboot the device.
  8. When the tool says that the process is complete, disconnect your device and reboot it.
  9. Check if your phone is successfully rooted.
Rooting procedure is completed here. Proceed below only if you want to install clockworkmod recovery (recommended). If you are unsure whether you should install the cwm recovery or not, read this.

How to Flash Clockworkmod Recovery on Spice Mi 530:

  1. Download recovery.img i.e. clockworkmod recovery file.
  2. Transfer this file to the root of your SD card i.e. outside any folders. If you copy the recovery.img file to any other folder, the tool we are going to use to flash the file won’t be able to detect it.
  3. Install Mobile Uncle Tools on your phone.
  4. Select the option “Update Recovery”.
  5. In the confirmation message, select yes.
  6. Your phone will reboot and you are done.
I hope you sailed through the process quite swiftly. Thanks to puduraja for mentioning this on Droidiser Forum. You can post your problems, or any hiccups that you faced in Spice Mi 530’s forum.