Apple dumps iPhone line-up, all set to launch Android powered aPhone soon

Under a bizarre unfolding of events, Apple CEO Tim Cook arranged a press conference this morning and to everyone’s surprise, announced that there will not be any iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 in the market ever. Instead, the California based company is all set to join the ranks of other giants like Samsung, HTC and Sony, and will start manufacturing aPhones, running the latest version of Android OS on them.

How it happened

“We had to succumb to the pressure created by iFans, who were bored by iOS’s interface which hasn’t changed much since the past six years. They have been eagerly waiting for an Apple powered Android phone since forever. It’s time that we materialise what our costumers want.” explained Tim Cook. He also said that this was (another) one of Steve Jobs’ dreams, and we had to make sure it comes true. Cook further added, “We were reminded of Jobs’ dream back when a Brazilian firm launched iPhones with Android OS on them.” The name aPhone was given to have originality and because “a” stands both for Apple and Android, the name just hits the Bull’s eye.

Google reacts

Google, under its “Don’t be Evil” policy, has welcomed Apple’s move and said, “ Now Google Developers will be able to aim for a single platform, and we shall see an even brighter Google suite for Android.”

The Darker Side

All may not be as well as it seems. Industry insiders claim that Apple might be taking the patents was to a whole new level. “They will first use Android on their aPhones, and later sue Google with claims that Google had stolen all of the Android UI and source code from them”, said an expert who didn’t want to be named. This might be the case indeed, as everyone of us is wary about Apple’s love to sue someone over nonsense things. This might be just an addition to that list.


Ours is an Android blog, and most of our readers are Android Fans. Expecting you to be one of them, what do you think about this move by Apple. Will you dump your Galaxy’s or One’s or Xperia’s in order to buy one of the aPhones? Do let us know in the comments section.
                               Take this news with a pinch bucket full of salt. Date: 1st April, 2013 :D
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