How to delete all contacts at once from any Android device

There are a lot of situations in which you might want to delete all the contacts from your phone, for instance, when you have to give your mobile to someone else for a day or two. If you need to do that on an Android device, then this guide is what you must have been looking for. Without any ado, I shall get to the guide directly. Rest assured, it is a really simple trick and I'm simplifying it even further for even the most basic user. This should work for all Android versions (till now).

Before you delete all your contacts, you might care to take a backup of your contacts. You can back them up in your sd card by going to Contacts > Import & Export.

Delete all contacts from an Android device:

  • Open Settings on your Android phone/tablet.
  • Go to the Applications section. Further, select the "All" tab to list down all apps (all apps include system apps, one of which we need to tinker.)
  • Scroll down the list, which should be sorted alphabetically, to find the app named "Contacts Storage". 
  • Tap on the app once to open its details.
  • Tap the clear data options.
  • Tap OK on the warning message that pops up on your screen. This will clear all your contacts from your phone.
    Tap the OK button when something like the pic above pops up on your device
If you wanted to delete your contacts to hand over your phone to someone (just for lending, or say, when you sell it), you might also want to remove your Google and Facebook accounts from your device.

Wasn't it a really short guide? If you face any problem even in this one, I am here to help. You just need to let me know about your problem via the comments box below.
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