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Annoyed by the "USB Debugging Connected" Notification? Get rid of it in 2 minutes

Whenever I connect my phone to the PC, the notification bar gets filled up. Why? There's always a "USB Debugging Connected", "Turn On USB Storage" and a few other application specific notifications lying there.  Though we can turn off the application specific notifications in the newer versions of Android, some of these applications will become useless without those persistent notifications. So, I had to concentrate on getting rid of the "USB Debugging Connected" notification. This tutorial will let you do the same, in the time it will take you to get a bowl of Maggi ready- 2 minutes.

Why does this notification appear:
If you are unsure why this notification pops up every time you insert that little USB cable in your phone, this message appears when you have enabled the USB Debugging option and connect your phone to the PC. THe phone shows this message indicating that any Debugging actions can now be performed on the phone via the PC and the notification acts as a shortcut to disabling the USB Debugging option. But keeping USB Debugging always on is one of the things we recommend to every Android user. So, turning it off isn't the solution.

How to Hide USB Debugging Notification:

  • First of all, you need to have a rooted device. Sorry to those who are eliminated by this criterion. But hiding USB Debugging Notification isn't the only reason why you may want to root, we have piled up a list of several others here.
  • If you don't already have one, install a file manager with root access. ES File Explorer is one of our personal favorites. It's free and packs a ton of handy features.
  • Open the File Manager you installed and go to /system. For newbies, going to /system would require you to first go to the root of your phone i.e. / and then jump to the System folder there.
  • Long press the file named build.prop there and open it in any test editor of your choice. If you installed ES File Explorer, you can use its in-built text editor.
  • Look if you already have this line in the file:
    If you haven't ever tweaked your build.prop file earlier and haven't installed a custom rom, you probably won't find this line. Still, you should look for this line, as I can't guess what will happen if you have two lines asking the file to do contrasting things.
    Back to the topic, if you already have this line, change it to:
  • If you didn't already have that line, jump to the end of your build.prop and add this line:
  • Save changes to this file and reboot your phone. Connect your phone to the PC and check if you still find the "USB Debugging Connected" notification.
If you did everything like described above, I can't think of anything that will cause that dreaded notification to appear on your phone again.