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You might be missing out on a few Important Facebook Messages!

Though most Facebook users are unaware, there is a hidden inbox where some important messages might be lurking for them. And it is a good practice to keep a tab at the Other inbox in your Facebook account so as to make sure that you don't miss any important update.

Whenever you want to message a stranger, your message lands in that person's Other folder. And just like you, most others don't know that such a folder exists. That's why you never hear back from those old pals that unfortunately, aren't in your Facebook friend list.

Facebook provides a solution for that though. If you really need to get your message read by that stranger, then you can pay $1.00 (Though this charge might go to as much as $15 when you are trying to contact, say, a celebrity). This fee will let Facebook know that the sender has actually something important to say and isn't just spamming. The last line is how Facebook explains the fee it is charging. But a spam message that landed in my Inbox this afternoon proves that asking for a charge won't necessarily keep the spammers at bay.

Most of the times, though, the Other folder will receive newsletters from services you signed up using your Facebook email address. Still, it doesn't take hours to scroll down the subjects of the messages in there. On a different note, the charging system is still rolling out and as of now, my profile doesn't have that option. I am not sure if it has been rolled out in India or not. Do tell us about this in the comments section.

Update: It (the option to pay) is now appearing in my profile. Interestingly, it is asking for just 33 cents which translates to INR 21. That isn't going to burn a hole in your pocket if you are in dire need to contact a person.

Whether Facebook is right in charging the users for this is not what I am debating in this post. Facebook is already being criticized by a lot of its users for this. This post was just meant to let you people know that you should, at times, check your Other folder too. It can be accessed by going to the Other tab when you are in messages. On mobile version of Facebook, jump to messages and scroll down to the bottom. Click "View Other Messages"  to get to that folder.

Let's spread the word and let everyone know that they should check their Other inbox more often. Spreading awareness is the only alternative to paying to get a Stranger's attention. So, spread the word and share this story with your Facebook friends.