Funny Funny Cat Videos is a lovely app, given you love cats

If you or your kids are fond of cats and find them cute, you will find the Funny Funny Cat Videos app worth a download. Released not so long back, the app currently has a 5 star rating which proves that those interested in cats are really finding the app to be great.

As the name tells, the app contains handpicked videos from youtube. The selection of videos is synced from time to time. I don't need to say anything about the streaming of the videos as the app just opens up the mobile version of youtube and the streaming will be handled by the native youtube app.

Apart from Cat Videos from youtube, the app also contains a picture puzzle games. No rewards for guessing who stars in the pictures. Yes, Cats! The Picture puzzle games are a really popular genre of gaming, especially for kids.

If the app devs are listening, I would want them to work on bettering the user interface of the app a bit. The app currently has 4 tabs: Cat 1, 2, 3 and 4. The first three tabs contain videos while the last tab contains puzzles. It would be more organized if one tab was dedicated to videos and the other tab was meant for the puzzle section. Also, a swipe to change tabs would be a more pleasing experience for the user.


Final Words:

The app is good at what it does. I didn't face any force closes, so the app is quite stable. The only thing we would love to change is the way the app is presented.As the app is free to download, there is no one stopping you to fill your appettite for cats by downloading the Funny Funny Cat Videos app.

Droidiser Review Rating:

         7 out of 10

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