SocialBind is the lightweight Facebook alternative you’ve been looking for

Though the official Facebook app is getting better and better with each update, it is still far from perfect which means that many users keep looking for an alternative to official app. Formerly known as FBTouch, SocialBind provides a free, fast and minimal way to stay in touch with your social life.

Weighing just below 700 kb, SocialBind, unlike Facebook’s official Android app, is light on resources and run smoothly even on older phones. Being lightweight doesn’t means that the app compromises with the optiions available to te end user. Here are some of them:
  • Supports different languages viz. English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Support notifications. Update duration can be set as low as 5 minutes
  • Option to scroll using the hardware volume keys on your device
  • Supports Check-ins
  • Can be toggled to full screen mode
  • Long press on an image to save it
  • Upload images from your device
  • Can be moved to sd card
One of the only down sides I found in this app is the presence of ads and the absence of the option to pay for an ad free version. Though, the developer promises that the ads will be hidden if they are clicked upon at every launch. Other than that, SocialBind is totally stable and I couldn’t find any noticeable bug in the app. The part I liked the most in this app was the smoothness with which the app ran on my Android 2.2 device powered by a mere 600 MHz processor. Also, SocialBind uses a lot less ram in the background as compared to the official Facebook app. I would recomend this app to you if:
  • Your phone is low on resources and you need a light app to satisfy your social networking needs.
  • Or if you simply don’t like the Official Facebook app for Android.
I would ask you to stay miles away from this app if:
  • You don’t use Facebook at all
  • You stay miles away from any app that shows you ads
SocialBind has received positive response in the Play Store and currently sits pretty with over 100,000 installs and a more than decent average rating: 4.1. For a comparison, Facebook for Android has received a 3.7 star rating from the 500 million+ users who have it installed on their device.
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