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How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) on Karbonn A12+ [Updated]

Recently, we have been covering the Karbonn A12+ smartphone. Earlier, we did a detailed review of the budget smartphone and posted a guide to help users root and unroot it.

Once you have rooted any Android smartphone, the next step is to install a custom recovery so that you can have full nandroid backups which can be restored in case anything goes wrong. For more details on clockworkmod recovery and why you might want to install it on an Android device, read this article.

Note: I have ported the Clockworkmod Recovery to Karbonn A12+ myself, thanks to MTK Droid Tools. All the options in clockworkmod recovery are working to the best of my knowledge. If you find any bugs, do report. Please don't mirror the file and wherever you share the link, keep a link to this article.

Installing Clockworkmod Recovery on Karbonn A12+

    1. Download and extract CWM Droidiser Toolkit v2.0 for Karbonn A12+.
    2. Copy the recoverytools.apk and recovery.img file to the root of your sdcard. Here, root of the sdcard means outside any folders and the sdcard to be used is the external sdcard.
    3. Install recoverytools.apk file using any file manager on your phone. To do this, you must have enabled installation of apps from Unknown Sources. This can be done by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
    4. Run the Recovery Tools app and ignore the warning.
      Note: Don't try to backup your recovery using this app, it won't work. Instead, if you want to get back to stock recovery, use the stockrecovery.img file present in the zip file in the steps that follow.
    5. Select Flash other Recovery option and select the recovery.img file. On the warning message that pops up, select Yes, please.
    6. Once the Recovery is flashed, it will present you an option to go to Recovery. Choose whatever option you like. I would recommend booting into recovery once to check if the process was successful.
    This video shows how the process appears runs on the phone. (Outdated, uses Mobile Uncle Tools app which doesn't work on Karbonn A12+).

    Though the phone will automatically ask if you want to boot into recovery mode for the first time, later on you will have to do that by pressing a key combination. When your Karbonn A12+ is switched off, press and hold Volume Up and Power button. In the subsequent screen, you will be presented with the option to boot in to Fastboot Mode, Recovery Mode or Normal Boot. Use Volume Up button to scroll through the options and to get to the Recovery Mode option. Now select this option by pressing the Volume Down button and you will be welcomed in the recovery mode.

    Karbonn A12+ on Droidiser: Complete Coverage

    The only development work, if any, is occurring on Karbonn A12+, it is bound to be Droidiser, at least upto now.