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Learn English 6000 words is a promising way to boost your English Vocabulary

If English isn’t your first language and you want to increase your English vocabulary by about 6000 words, you would find Learn English 6000 Words a brilliant app to do so.

The app allows you to select words based on topics and subtopics. You have the option to change the language in which you are taught to German, French, Spanish, Italian and English. Once you select Topics and Subtopics, you will see images to illustrate the words. A speaker icon at the bottom right allows you to listen to the way that word is pronounced. The 6000 words in the app are divided into 15 broad topics which are further subdivided into 140 subtopics.

You can test what you have learnt using 7 different games making the learning process a bit of fun experience. The app can choose a random topic, subtopic and game to test you or you can choose all these parts yourself and test yourself on a particular topic only.

The app requires no internet connection to load anything, meaning you can use it on your ease without having to connect to the internet every time you use the app. You can also change the difficulty level to Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced according to how you rate yourself.

Using the app was a breeze. Five points for its simplicity and ease of use. The app didn’t lag on my pretty old Froyo device despite of its fairly large size, means it will run good on most Android phones on the Earth. People who have downloaded the app seems to be loving it as well, as proved by the 4.4 Star rating this app has earned so far.

Learn English 6000 Words is available for free on the Play Store and will work on any Android Device that runs on Froyo or a higher version of Android operating system. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why you won’t want to download this app if your English vocabulary is not that good.