Muscle Builder is an app by Bodybuilders to help you build muscles

Muscle Builder is a new entrant in the Health & Fitness section of apps on the Play Store. The app claims to be the first one to be designed by bodybuilders and seems confident about helping you to gain fitness.

Being a very slim guy myself, I am not the fitness freak you’d expect to review such an app and most of the things present in the app went well over my head. Muscle Builder allows you to create custom workouts with its unique workout wizard. From within the app, you can find some good gym near your location. There are over 200 exercises targeting chest, arms, abs, legs and back. The app even allows you to talk to Muscle Building experts.

In order to prevent over training, Muscle Builder shows you the most used muscles and the time it would take to recover them. Many innovative methods to track your progress include graphs, a flipbook (in beta) and recovery planner.

The app has a nice, clean UI, one of the better ones we usually see for such a new app on the Play Store. Muscle Builder is just 3.2 MB in size, is perfectly stable and works on Android versions as old as Android 2.2 Froyo. The app contains no ads and popups, thus presenting a truly clean environment. The developer has made the use of permissions clear in the description of the app. Full points for all these things.

The only thing that keeps me wanting more is that the app lacks offline animations for exercises. Some sort of videos or animations showing how to perform the exercises included would be great help for beginners.

That being said, Muscle Builder is one of the best apps in the Health & Fitness section I’ve ever used. Muscle Builder Explorer is a 15 day fully working trial of the original Muscle Builder app which will set you back by $2.80, depending on how serious you are for gaining fitness, it might be actually worth the price tag.
Muscle Builder Explorer:
Muscle Builder:                  

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