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[Exclusive] Over 381,840 Moto G units already sold in India

We've got some exclusive inputs on the sales figures of the the extremely popular Moto G in India. Before we proceed ahead with the figures, let us state that the figures shared below refer to the number of phones shipped to India, which doesn't necessarily means that all of them have been bought. The quantity that has already been shipped might be present in stock under Flipkart, though we believe a major portion of it has been sold already.

According to our source, 381,840 units of Moto G XT1033 have been imported from China to India, as of 6th May, 2014. This figure includes both 8 GB as well as the 16 GB version. Breaking these figures between these two versions, a majority of the shipments are of the 16 GB version - the exact figure standing at 296,600, while 85,240 units of the 8 GB version of the Moto G have been imported.

The fact that Motorola was essentially absent from the market from quite some time and the Moto G isn't even available on local stores, makes selling ~0.4 million units of Moto G an applaudable feat.

Though Moto G wasn't promoted as highly as smartphones from other brands, what made Moto G such a smash hit in the Indian smartphone market? We chalked out a few solid reasons.

  • Value for Money factor:
    The single most influential factor behind Moto G's enviable success is the prce point at which it has been launched - without compromising with the hardware of the device. Moto G could outdo even locally manufactured smartphones (which are known to be good in terms of VFM) when compared for specifications, bigger brands like Samsung, Sony and HTC didn't stand a chance to match the performance offered by Moto G.
  • Vanilla Android Experience:
    While Samsung loves putting Touchwiz atop its smartphones, LG, Sony nad HTC have their own modded UI for their smartphones. Those looking for native Android experience from a reputable brand were left only with the Nexus series of smartphones. Moto G provides Nexus-like experience at about half the price.
  • No major deal breaker:
    Moto G is an all-rounder. The dual SIM version caters to the Indian audience pretty nicely. Apart from the limited storage in 8 GB version (which speaks for the lower number of sales for this version), nothing else seems to be a deal breaker.
  • Latest Android version:
    At the time of launch (and even now), I am yet to see an Android device running at the latest Android version which is priced lower than the Moto G. Coupled with a promise of future updates, this was reason enough for many Android fans to buy a Moto G.

What do you think is the USP of Moto G?