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Why you should have your own domain name?

Your internet domain name is
one-of-a-kind web address that you can buy for your site, from a
domain registration company. When buying domain names, it is always
better to buy one that has your name or your business name in it;
however, make sure you keep your registration identity
to the public.

You may be wondering why you are being
asked to do so. Well, here's why.

Advantages of having your name in the
domain name:

  • You gain control over what people
    find about you on the web:

    Google pays attention to the words in the domain name while
    organising SERPs. So, if you are looking for AB in CD, chances are
    that the domain name is ''. This means, when users enter
    your first and last name in Google, you have a good chance of
    controlling the information that they see in the SERPs. You, thus,
    make it harder for them to find your information that you would not
    like to disclose to public.

We all have some embarrassing photographs that we would never want people to see, like some stupid childhood pictures, where you were dressed as a donkey, or a photo where you are laughing awfully! With every search result that you control, you are pushing those embarrassing information a step away from the public eye. However, it is not that they are not there. Of course, they are. But, at least not on the first page of Google.

When you control what you let people see, you prevent them from using your information against you. You need to be very strict about what comes up, when your first and last name is typed in the address bar with a sub domain. Otherwise, you can easily find yourself in awkward situations. Make sure you do not leave it to Google to decide what to show and what not in the search results.
  • Lends you more credibility:
    These days it is on the web that you make your first impression
    before your clients. Having your name or that of your business'
    makes you and your company appear more professional. It tells people
    that you are a serious and sincere businessman, operating an
    established business.

  • Simplicity: Last
    but not the least, having your or your business name in the domain,
    makes it quite simple to find you and your business online. Users do
    not need to try and remember it.

Now that we are done with discussing the importance of having your or your business name in the domain, let's focus on the importance of private or anonymous domain registration.

Privacy on the internet is always an issue with web masters. When you register your domain, all your private information like your name, phone number, email id., address, etc. becomes visible to the public eye, thus, making you and your site vulnerable to hackers, scammers, spammers, telemarketers, etc. This issue can be escaped by getting your domain on proxy. This way all your information remains safe and secured.

Advantages of private domain registration:

  • No domain-related spam:
    As there's no information available, the chances of spam becomes
    nil. This prevents your website from getting hijacked by hackers.

  • First amendment rights:
    When you register your domain anonymously, you make the assertion of
    your First Amendment rights easier and protect your legitimate

To wrap it up, it can be said that if you are a businessman, or someone who wants to make your name a brand in itself, getting your domain registered under your or business name is necessary. Do not forget to opt for anonymous domain registration, to protect yourself from cyber crime.
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