How to increase speaker volume on Redmi 1s (Xiaomi) - custom roms or otherwise

Most Xiaomi Redmi 1s custom roms are suffering from low speaker volume bug. This can be a major let-down for those who listen to their music on speakers or attend calls on loudspeaker. Even the stock rom audio isn't as loud as one might want. As one can guess, rooting your Redmi 1s can help you out in solving this little nuisance. In this quick guide, we shall cover how you can increase speaker volume on your Redmi 1S.

This guide won't damage your speakers in any way, nor is your warranty impacted. Still, it has become kinda ritual to say that we won't be held responsible for anything bad that happens to your device.

Nope. Not exactly as loud as you might be led to believe by the picture above. But they will be quite better. Believe me.

Increase Speaker volume on Redmi 1S

  • First off, if you haven't rooted your Redmi 1s, do so. Rooting your Redmi 1s won't void your manufacturer warranty, so proceed without any worries. Also, a thing to note is that most custom roms for Redmi 1s are pre-rooted, so you don't need to root if you have installed a custom rom.
  • Install Root Explorer (or any other file manager that can handle root permissions). Download this modified mixer_paths.xml file (if this link is giving problems, try this mirror link) and paste it in /system/etc/ folder. You might need to mount the system as r/w in order to be able to paste the file there.
  • Once pasted, long press on the file you just pasted (i.e. the mixer_paths.xml file present in /system/etc/) and select Permissions. Change the permissions to rw-r--r--. To set the permission to this, tick the read and write boxes in first row, and only read boxed in the second and third row.
  • That's it. Reboot your Redmi 1S and wake up to the sound of your rejuvenated speakers.
If you meet any trouble on your way to enjoying better speakers on Redmi 1s, let us know in the comments sectionn below.
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