Tata Docomo gets its acts together, allows users to add unused data balance to their next data recharge

Tata Docomo is one of the cheapest mobile networks providing voice and data connectivity in India. The cheapness of their data packs often come with undisclosed conditions - like their data connection frequently disconnects on its own, leaving you with the tedious task of toggling mobile data on and off, which in some cases work and in some cases doesn't. Also, your Tata Docomo sim just might decide that even though you have free balance left in your data pack, it should start deducting money from your account balance instead (happens especially when you are nearing the data limit of your pack).

Apart from these blunders, Docomo also has other basic issues with its data connectivity. If you have your mobile internet on and try to check how much of your MBs are left, you often get wrong information from their USSD. Disconnecting the internet and trying again gives you some different information and you're left wondering which one you should trust. When I contacted their customer support, they said that's the way they measure data - they assume (wow!) how much internet you might use to completely download a page that's currently loading and hence the varying values. While this assumption philosophy seems to be totally absurd, I don't know why Tata Docomo needs to go this way if all other mobile operators show the correct amount of data remaining no matter whether you are connected to the internet or not.
Dial *141# and then enter 1 to get this screen. Just in case you're curious, in the background
 is a live wallpaper called Holo Droid Info. Looks cool, right?

One final nuisance with Tata Docomo was, which seemingly has been solved now (which was what this post was all about actually), that if you had a few megabytes of your data pack left and decided to refill them with a new data pack, the unused data will be reset to zero. This, along with the fact that Docomo sometimes starts charging from account balance instead of your last 2-3 megabytes, ensured that you had to leave the last 10 MBs of some from your previous data pack go to the dustbin. This seems to have been rectified now, as the screenshot shows below. If you have an already active 3G pack with some data and validity left, activating a new 3G pack will add the previously left data too - just like the way most other mobile operators do. Same goes the case with 2G. In simpler words, left over 2G data can be added to a new 2G data pack while 3G balance gets added to new 3G packs only.

Here's hoping that this is just the beginning and that Tata Docomo gets all its acts together soon. Till then, I have switched over to BSNL and the stability of the internet connection here means Docomo will have a hard time in regaining this customer.

Feel free to share any experience you might have regarding the 2G/3G service.
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