The Samsung Galaxy S6 (Project Zero) Rumor Round-Up

It seems like every day NASA is discovering a new Galaxy filled with beautiful nebulae and new planets potential holding life. Even if you are not a rocket scientist, you can get in on the action right here on Earth. The next galaxy discovery appears hidden under the code name Project Zero and has a street name of Galaxy S6. Rumor has it that it may appear on the market as early April 2015. 

The Aurora of Speculation

The Galaxy S5 April 2015 release seems like yesterday. Despite the cyberstalkers prediction, the most logical speculation points to an April 2015 release date for the S6. It is also logical to estimate the changes of the new Galaxy flagship. Technology is currently advancing at warp speed, and that means that the S6 is likely to change the game. 

Market Analysis -- A few Facts

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  • The S5 sold slower than the S4, even though the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a smartphone with some amazing capabilities.
  • Apple's catch up game with the iPhone 6 introduces a second large-palm-sized device to the market.
  • Samsung is at its best when challenged.
These are clues that tell us that the new S6 will be completely different. These little factoids are fueling the rumors around Project Zero. So with the S6, expect upgrades across the spectrum. Speculation has pointed to improvements in:
  • Display 
  • Software
  • OS
  • Camera and video
  • And other changes that mobile users might enjoy. 

A Closer Look at the Rumors

Overall Design: Past criticism of the S-Device was never about true performance. It was about the cheap, plastic look of the device. The S5 begin to change its shape, and that is an evolutionary process that the S6 likely continues. The Note 4 shows the progressive evolution clearly. The metal frame of the Note 4 features a synthetic leather back that increases the pleasure of holding the device. Expect the S6 to top this. 

Galactic Display: Remember those boosts to technology? Well, say goodbye to the conventional and hello to leading technology powered by Quad HD. We see those improvements with the Note 4 and its AMOLED display. Expect the S6 to continue that progression.

Rumors about the display size peg potential screen increases to 5.2" and 5.5." It is more likely to emerge as a 5.5" display as the S6 will attempt to break through the marginal improvements in visuals between other devices and brands. 

TouchWiz Controversy: Another critical point is the speed of Samsung's devices. Even with the best processors, the speed has dwindled. The rumors suggest that the S6 has one of the following on board; the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 808, 810, or possible 81X as Samsung may have asked for a special chip. Samsung is looking for a game changer, and we should not rule out a new standard, such as 64-bit capability.

In fact, rumors suggest that Project Zero is two devices. One for the US and one for the eastern 
markets. Rumors suggest that the second device's power comes from an Exynos 7420 chip whereas the S6 for the US will likely receive the Snapdragon 810. Both devices are similar in performance as they lead with four Cortex A53 cores, four Cortex A57 cores, and three gigs of RAM. 

Other Rumors and Potential Fixes

  • Increased performance and quality from the 16-megapixel camera with possible 20-megapixel camera
  • Increased storage of 32+ Gigs to handle new tech. 
  • Improved battery life and faster recharge times. 

Price Expectations

Rumors suggest two paths for pricing. The old camp suggests pricing will remain on par for Samsung's other devices, and as such, we should expect the S6 to compete well with existing devices with prices around $200 for a two-year contract or $650-$700 to buy it outright. Other speculators suggest that the price may yet be higher than those offered by the old camp. Could this be a $1,000 smart device? It is highly unlikely that a price increase will hit four digits.

Given the rumors, trends, and other data, what do you think the new S6 be? Will it be the new benchmark for large smart devices, or will it be a slight improvement over the S5?
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