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Paintastic Review: The paint app that you've been looking for?

Paintastic is a paint app on Android, that lets you draw, color and paint, either on a blank background, or drawing over existing images on your smartphone. I have been using MS Paint on my desktop for making tiny changes to image files, since like forever. And the fact that Paintastic provides almost every option that MS Paint does, and throws in a few extra ones, in itself makes the application worth a try.

A set of tools can be chosen from a toolbar at the bottom of the application, which runs in full screen, to maximize the screen estate that we have. We've all the usual options like Brush, Paint Bucket, Eraser, Text, Selection box, Zoom, Color Picker et cetera. Once we use the selection tool, we can apply several operations on the selected portion: cutting, copying, cropping, resizing, and applying several effects like brightening or inverting colors of the selected portion. Other than this, the app provides options to save the image as jpg or as png file, to insert picture in your existing drawing, or to share what you've made on Facebook or any other application.

A few notable extra feature the app boasts of, includes a scratch mode option, which lets you "scratch" over your existing drawing. For instance, if you've added a green rectangle in your image/drawing, you can use the scratch mode to scratch a star shape into it. The paint brush supports effects like Blur, Neon, Glow etc., which can come in quite handy if you want to make some portion of your drawing stand out from the rest. Also, you can import an image either from the gallery, or shoot one using your device's camera right away.

Like everything else in the universe though, this app isn't perfect either. Inconsistencies in the UI of the app sometimes require you to step off the natural learning curve. While the eraser button at the bottom can be long pressed to set its properties, there is a separate button in the bottom toolbar for choosing the width and color of your brush tool.

The text tool only has 5 inbuilt fonts. An ability to scan the device for installed fonts could've been nice. The eraser can undo only up to 5 last actions that you performed on the image, unlike the unlimited number of undos that I've grown accustomed to on MS Paint. When inserting a shape or text, tapping anywhere on the screen pastes it there, but you can't long press the shape or the text to move it some place else. You've to press the undo button if you want to change its position. As I've started to nitpick right now, I will wrap up the few little drawbacks in the application.

Paintastic can definitely benefit from a UI overhaul - a cleaner look with better usability can certainly do wonders as the app isn't lacking in functionality. Paintastic is a free application that runs with ads, but thankfully, the ads are non-intrusive and don't annoy the user. Wrapping it up, if you've been looking for a handy paint application on your Android, Paintastic just might be the answer to your needs.

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