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The best apps that every Android user must have

In recent times, the android apps have exploded and everyday a new app comes to the market that promises to be the next most popular app. The manifold growth doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. The significant growth in development of android applications can be attributed to the fact that the modern day mobile users literally are relying on their smart devices for just about everything; from shopping to booking airline tickets and from checking e-mails to watching movies.
The modern day android mobile app developers are meticulously focusing on bringing out that apps that would serve their daily purposes and help them accomplish their daily tasks from their mobile phone. While there are a plethora of apps for different users to choose from based on their needs, some of the must have apps for every android user is listed below:

Every smartphone user would agree that paying the mobile bills and getting a quick recharge in the time of emergency is the most difficult task. Well, with Paytm mobile app by your side you can forever bid good-bye to that problem. The app provides the perfect platform to get your mobile irrespective of your mobile network carrier with just a click of a button on your mobile phone. Besides, you can pay your utility bills through your and avoid the hassles of irritating merchants and the long queues at the payment center. Not to mention, you can get Paytm free recharge by simply looking for discount codes online and get attractive cash back on your transaction.

This amazing android app gives you the flexibility to carry your office with you on your smart mobile gadget. By using this app, you can easily create, edit your office files be it a word doc, excel sheet or a power point presentation. You can even open and view PDF files. Good Drive provides you 15GB storage space to store and create back-up of your important office and personal files and folders.

This is yet another handy mobile app that is useful for everyone, especially for business professionals. This is a fancy app that lets you take down notes but unlike any other similar app, it allows you to create text, draw using your style or even your finger and then later export it to graphics for future reference. Although, the app doesn’t have too many features, the look and feel and the handwriting is like a real paper, which makes it very appealing for the users.

Do you love to read on the go? Are you planning to buy a separate reading device for reading books? Well you can save a great deal of money on buying a reading device by using the Kindle Reader on your android phone. The app is available for free and it lets you download your favorite book on your mobile and read as per your convenience.