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TOP 10 Best iPhone /iPad Apps for Students 2015

The wide range of apps available for your iPhone can make it hard for you to find the ones that can help you increase your productivity, as a student. Here's a list of the ten such apps that we think can help you out with your schoolwork.

[TOP 01] Evernote

Keep yourself organized during finals week or year round with this multi-tool app. It can do everything from store notes that you write and need to keep track of, to recording your daily thoughts or classes. Gather important articles or papers you need to read later for assignments and store them all in this app. This app helps to keep even the most unorganized student, organized.

[TOP 02] MathWay

If you struggle with any math class and just need to know if all your calculations maybe somehow got the right answer for you, then you need MathWay. This math app is there to help you in your darkest times. Just plug in the problem and it will spit out the solution for you to see if you got it right. There is an option for step by step instructions so if your answers don’t match up, you can go through and see just where you went wrong.

[TOP 03] CliffsNotes

Students are busy all the time. Between all the classes they have and any extracurricular activities, it is sometimes hard to find the time to do all of the assignments you want to do to the best of your ability. Well, that is where CliffsNotes come into play. With this app you can read summary as well as other aspects of classic novels that will get you the knowledge you need to write that paper you need to. Each novel will cost you $2 to unlock the notes, but it’s a small price to pay for passing that class.

[TOP 04] RefMe

One of the biggest things about writing that term paper is making sure you get all those references and getting all the correct information. With RefMe you are able to scan barcodes of books you used and the fully formed reference will pop up in the app. You can also plug in any information you want into the app and it scans the internet finding the reference for you. You end up spending less time creating your reference page and more time on your paper.

[TOP 05] myHomework

With so many classes you need a place to keep track of all your assignments. It’s 2015 and its time to do away with paper and pen. With the myHomework app you can keep everything you need to do in the digital age. Enter in assignments and the app will let you know when they are due based on your class schedule that you input into the app at the beginning. No longer will you have late or missing assignments.

[TOP 06] Khan Academy

If you are a university student taking online math courses or perhaps you just want a little extra help outside of class, this app will be a life saver. The app is home to a number of different videos that walk students through math and science problems. If you struggle with certain concepts and need to see it done multiple times to learn it, this app would be great for you.

[TOP 07] iTunes U

iTunes U is a great app for college students who are looking for more course material. There are a number of different curriculum materials from major colleges and universities all over the country. And they provide everything from text to video and audio files.

[TOP 08]

This app is a lifesaver if you are constantly struggling with certain vocabulary or if you are looking for words to write in your papers. It features a dictionary and a thesaurus option so you have the entire English language in the palm of your hand.

[TOP 09] Dragon Dictation

Tired of typing all day long? With Dragon Dictation all you need to do is speak into your device and it will digitally convert everything you say into notes. Organize all of your notes in one app and make it through your assignments with ease.

[TOP 010] Quizlet

Are you a student that learns better by using flashcards while studying? This app boasts an impressive number of flashcards in a number of different subjects. You can even add audio into your flashcards for extra help. Quiz yourself on hard subjects before you need to take the big exam at school.

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