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How Technology can be applied to the real estate market

Technology has become an integral part of our life, making it a much easier proposition. Better living standards and convenience in every step has made us so dependent on technology that we cannot even think of living without it. The contribution of technology has been enhancing and expanding at an exponential rate and with the advent of e – commerce businesses, the impact of technology along with the Internet has aided the human race by converting the world into a global village. Thus, technology has been omnipresent and is now extending to the real estate market.

Since long, the real estate market had always been in the wrong perceptions wherein the people involved in the process like the developers or the agents have always been treated with apprehensions. Previously, there were incidents wherein the home seekers got misled by these people and since real estate transactions would have been an expensive affair and people tend to get panicked, hence tagging the industry as not so a trustworthy one. But with technology intervening in the process, the perception can be changed and the real estate honchos are utilizing the platform to ensure clarity in the sector, thus enhancing the trustworthiness and this can be explained by the following instance:

Considering a situation of a decade back, while looking for a property in Gurgaon, the most practiced scenario is getting in touch with one of the property brokers in Gurgaon and opt for the properties which were listed with them and very little options to pick and choose. Now the experts have conceived the idea of infusing technology in the real estate industry to ensure that the shortcomings are overcome. This can be best explained by focusing on how a real estate portal like has been infusing technology to ensure a smooth sail for everyone.

To start off, the portal has been designed with a user intuitive interface which takes no time to load, hence all the results get displayed within a blink of an eye. Now, there were times wherein you had to personally visit every property to check them out which was undoubtedly time consuming, but with the application of technology, the masterminds have designed the verified listings, high definition photo gallery as well as the concept of ratings which provides the home seeker the option of virtual tours, hence saving time, and with the filters you can broaden or streamline your search and for that you don’t need to be dependent on any property agents in Gurgaon.

For new projects they have come up with Slice View Technology through which you can check out floor wise configuration as well as interiors of the room and that too in the three dimensional view. Even the floor plan has been developed into 3D views, providing you with the insight of how your dream house would look like. They have also executed flying drones to provide you with an aerial view if you are opting for land properties.