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Oukitel A28 smartwatch does it all for $57

Oukitel is a popular smartphone brand, when it comes to Chinese smartphone market. Their specialty, like most of their Chinese brethren, is to deliver great hardware specifications at ultra-low prices. Oukitel is no stranger to selling smartphones stuffed with the value-for-money factor, and they are betting on the same formula in the smart wearable gadget category. One of their recent launches is the Oukitel A28, a smartwatch priced at a ridiculously low price of $57, which seemingly has as many features as any high-end smartwatch available in the market.

Featuring a rectangle-ish dial, A28 is powered by a Mediatek MTK2502 chipset. The inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0 is almost ubiquitous on all smart wearables these days, as this Bluetooth version conserves a lot of battery compared to the earlier versions. The A28 supports both Android as well as iPhone devices, which basically means the entire smartphone market.

Notable features of the A28 include a heart rate monitor, which seemingly makes use of the same sensor as the one in Apple Watch. The A28 can sync the call log, message and contact list from the device that you pair with it. Also included are other fitness features, namely Pedometer, Sleep monitoring and Sedentary reminder, which will remind you to take some rest when you have been sitting for a long time. A nice addition is the ability to use the watch as a remote to your smartphone's camera and music, for those times, when you can't directly touch your phone. The strap is made of genuine calfskin leather. The A28 also boasts of water resistance, though there is a difference between being water resistant and water proof.

All in all, $57 sounds like a good deal for what we are getting. Availing warranty can be an issue if the company does not have a service center near your location, so the final decision, of course, lies with you. If interested, you can buy the Oukitel A28 here.