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The best WhatsApp spy software to monitor your kid’s WhatsApp usage

The WhatsApp Company came into existence in 2009 and it has now marked a name for itself amongst one of the most successful apps for smartphones. With a colossal daily traffic, WhatsApp messenger is one of the most widely used data transfer service across the globe. Teenagers use WhatsApp to send messages, images and even videos to their friends and their parents are rightly concerned that they might be sharing unethical things with their buddies. To avoid any such thing from even taking place, a WhatsApp spy software Xnspy helps parents keep a close eye on their kids.

Start using Xnspy:

To start using Xnspy, you simply need to do two major things. Firstly, go to their website and sign-up for an account with them. Secondly, download this software in your kid’s cell phone and gain unlimited access to all the data inside their cell phone by simply logging in with your log-in ID and password.

Tried and tested:

This WhatsApp spy software is tested to work well with Android and iPhone handsets of the latest models. Take out only a few minutes of your time and you get to install this software in your kid’s cell phone. A great thing about this software is that it is completely invisible and does not let anyone notice about its presence in their cell phone.

Phone data and WhatsApp messages:

Xnspy provides parents with complete access to all the video files, audio files and pictures present inside the cell phone of their children. All the text messages sent and received by your child from their WhatsApp messenger are shown to parents as well. Even all the pictures and videos shared by children through the WhatsApp messenger are shown to parents with the help of this WhatsApp spy software.

The future of text messaging:

WhatsApp messaging is the future of text messages. It is an achievement of this spy app to provide parents with records of all the SMS messages and call records of their child’s cell phone. With this WhatsApp spy software Xnspy, you would be surprised to know that parents can even view all the data transferred and all the text messages sent and received by their child through the WhatsApp messenger.