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Zopo Speed 7 and Speed 7 Plus with 3 GB RAM and Full HD Screen available for $160 onwards

Zopo has launched two new smartphones - Zopo Speed 7 and Zopo Speed 7 Plus. As the name suggests, the features of these phones are almost identical. What's interesting here is the fact both these phones come with 3 GB of RAM, and the cheaper of these two cost $160. Let's get to the features and specifications of these smartphones.

Zopo Speed 7 is a 5 inch phablet, which comes with a unibody design and features Full HD resolution, making it a screen as dense in terms of PPI as the Nexus 5. Other specifications include an Octa-core processor from Mediatek, the Taiwanese chip manufacturer. The MTK6735 is a 64-bit processor and Android 5.1 should be able to use its abilities to the fullest. On the camera front, we have a 13.2 Megapixel primary camera and a 5 Megapixel secondary camera on the front. There is a 2500 mAh battery to power the phone. The Speed 7 has a near borderless bezel, which makes them look gorgeous, though a bit more prone to shattering on drops regardless of the fact that the display comes with a Gorilla Glass protection.

Speed 7's bigger brother is the Speed 7 Plus. The only noticeable differences are the larger screen size (5.5 inch) with same resolution, a bit more weight (170 grams as compared to Speed 7's 150 grams) and a larger 3000 mAh battery. Except this, everything else is the exact same. Go for this one if you find larger screens to be more useful and think that the differences are worth an extra $30.

You can pre-order yourself a Zopo Speed 7 for $160, instead of the usual $200, using the coupon ZOPOGB. The Zopo Speed 7 Plus can be pre-ordered for a slightly heftier $190 using the same coupon code i.e. ZOPOGB, instead of the usual price of $230.