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How to limit the internet speed on your phone

When talking about internet, generally faster is considered better. But there are situations where you might want to limit the speed with which your phone browses the internet. For instance, you might be nearing your data cap and don't want to blow past it at blazing fast speeds. Or you might be on a shared internet connection, and don't want your smartphone to eat your entire bandwidth. Whatever be the case, today we will help you limit the internet speed on your Android device.

Before you proceed with the tip mentioned in this article, you need to make sure that your phone is rooted. If you don't know what the term rooting means, most probably your phone isn't rooted and thus, this guide won't work on your phone. If you are already rooted, then there's no stopping you in achieving what you are here for - putting a check on the internet speed of your phone's internet.

The secret tip to help you limit your phone's internet speed

The tip isn't actually that secret. Just head over to the play store and install the application named Brady Bound. Open up the application once installed, and it will ask you for superuser access. Grant it the required superuser permissions, then use the slider to set the upper limit of the internet speed on your phone and press the Set Limit button.

As you might have noticed the red warning at the top, the speed limit that you set will be gone once you reboot your phone, so you will have to press the Set Limit button again if you need to reboot your phone at some point of time and want the speed limit to actually work.

Note: I tried the app on two of my phones. While it worked on the Redmi 1S which runs on Android 4.4 KitKat, it didn't work on Yu Yureka (tried it on Yureka running Android 5.0 as well as Android 5.1). The error I received was that the app couldn't gain root access even though I had given the required permissions. There are a few reviews on Play Store mentioning the same issue but the developer doesn't seem to be responding with a comment, or with an update to the application. For the time being, we do not have any solution if this error appears on your phone. Still, it is worth a shot if you are in dire need of putting a limit on your smartphone's internet speed.