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Simple things that make your business presentation memorable

Business-to-business marketing, popularly known by its abbreviation B2B marketing, is one of the best ways to keep your business performing at its best. A majority of brands rely heavily on this kind of marketing to keep them running. The thing about B2B marketing is that it does not rely on the traditional forms of advertising and product promotion in order for it to work out. It is significantly different from B2C (business-to-customer) marketing.

Businesses are also consumers and big ones for that matter. Think of it this way, a company like Verizon wants to buy a brand new computer for each of its thousands of employees. The procurement and logistics manager is not going to pay a visit to that electronic shop that is near the company headquarters and place an order of a thousand computers, right? The company is bound to place an ad in the newspapers asking for prospective suppliers to bring in these services. If you provide the products or services they want, then definitely you should pay the company a visit and make your presentation pitch.

Catchy, exhaustive and professional presentations

A big deal is always equals to a big presentation. You will make sure that your company’s presentation is perfect by the time you are walking into the procurement manager’s office. Problem is that you could have a really good presentation but fail to make an impact on those who are listening to you. To solve this problem, here are some simple tips you can employ:

1.       Branded presentation folders

You can get these presentation folders with such impeccable ease from companies like This is one of the few companies that have made it their business to ensure that your branding efforts are simple and successful. When you hand a presentation folder with your company logo and slogan to someone, they will definitely get a good impression about the level of professionalism of your business.

 .       Branded packaging for samples

Perhaps you are bringing a sample to the presentation with you. They are not going to be impressed when your sample is packaged in some plain white box or worse yet, a plastic bag. The packaging of your samples should have the company logo and name.

3.       Branded catalogue

Everyone loves to be provided with a variety of options. When you go to a restaurant, you want to find a rich menu with tons of options. Therefore, make sure that you bring with you a catalogue containing your most prized products. Catalogues should be excellently designed with the logo and business name as well. You cannot bring a plain binder to the meeting room and expect that people will remember your brand for the best. Perhaps the catalogue is in a CD- you can get custom made CD sleeves for that purpose.

B2B marketing is difficult but when done well, it is bound to bring great returns. The above are just the simplest tips that you can employ to make your brand more memorable. There are other personal factors that have to be considered when you are doing your presentation.

Author bio

Valentine Singer is an image consultant. She helps brands to figure out ways to pitch memorable presentations in B2B marketing such as use of custom made presentation folders and other simple methods.