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5 Website Conversion Optimization Techniques You Never Tried Before

When you do the SEO correctly, hundreds of potential customers rush to your site, but is your site converting those visitors into customers? If people just check your website and leave without buying any product or service you are offering, then your business will eventually fail. Conversion optimization is as much essential as search engine optimization because unless the visitors become customers you will not be able to compete with the other brands and generate enough revenue to grow your business.

If your website is not being able to generate enough revenue for you yet, then here are some website conversion optimization techniques for you.

A/B Test Immediately: The first thing that you need to understand is that there is no magic formula for success. You have to test and find out what works for your business and impresses your target consumers. Therefore, A/B testing is necessary. For example, you can display two different landing pages to the customers and track their responses. Find out which page successfully converts maximum numbers of visitors and delete the other.

Get Rid of Distractions: Check the websites of reputed brands in any field and you will notice that all of them follow a simple, focused design. Too many graphics, ads, pop-up notifications and multiple CTA can distract the audience. Follow a minimalistic design pattern and tell your USP in bullet points. Let them purchase in 2-3 clicks and keep the checkout process short. While designing your website, think like a customer and plan a layout that will provide a smooth user experience.

Offer Incentive to Create Urgency: This is probably the most effective website conversion optimization strategy that works across a wide range of websites. Whether you run a hotel, an apparel store or a college, incentives always lure the visitors to click on the call-to-action button. Make sure that your offers are either time bound or limited stocks only. For instance, “Enroll now. Only 10 seats available” or “Book rooms at flat 20% off. Offer ends at midnight.”

Be Mobile Friendly: In this age of smartphones and tablets if you want to convert your website traffic successfully then it is important to invest in a mobile-friendly website. Thousands of consumers purchase a wide variety of items from their cell phones and unless your website is usable from all types of handheld, internet enabled devices, you won’t be able to attract the younger generation.

Add Social Proof: Every website owner says that he sells the best product or service but the potential consumers hardly believe them. However, if they discover that hundreds of other people are showing faith in the same brand and their friends like the brand, then chances of conversion increase significantly. Your Facebook page, Twitter and G+ profiles can help you earn the trust of the customers and inspire the website visitors to become customers. Hence, upload your social media links on the homepage so that incoming traffic converts quickly.

Winning the heart of millions of customers is not an easy task, but it is not an impossible mission. Pay heed to the guidelines mentioned above and you will be able to boost website conversion rate.

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