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Start 2017 With These 5 Gaming Apps

Finding good games for your mobile device is always a struggle, not because there aren't plenty of them out there but because there are too many to pick from. It's truly an endless selection, so it's easy to miss out on some of the best titles.

We're only a handful of days into 2017, so thus far there hasn't really been much new material to get excited about. In a matter of months we'll be able to start looking at some of the most exciting new app releases of the year. But the beginning of a new year is always a nice time for a fresh start. And with that in mind I wanted to single out a few of the better app games that were available in 2016, so those looking for new gaming material can start the year off with a fun new selection.

Blood & Glory: Legend

Though it's been around for some time now, it's still hard to deny that Infinity Blade III for iOS might be the best mobile game around. It's long been praised for console quality graphics and gameplay, and yet there have been shockingly few imitations - particularly from Android developers - to come close to replicating its success. But as pointed out by Pocket Gamer, Blood & Glory: Legend may be the closest thing to it. This game is a lot lighter on plot and scope, but for combat and gameplay, it's not too far off. Ultimately, progressing through various stages of gladiator combat (and character improvement of course) is plot enough for a game that's very satisfying to play.

Real Racing 3

This game was rolled out back in 2014, so it's nothing new. But I wanted to emphasise it for any app gamers who might not have given it a shot yet because it can be easy to overlook racing games (really, they all look the same from the outside). Real Racing 3 is a clear cut above the rest, however, and thus a worthy addition to your 2017 collection. Real cars are featured, the tracks are varied and detailed, and you can play upwards of 2,000 different events (including multiplayer challenges), all within a smooth and beautiful design.

The Room Three

The collection of titles from Fireproof Games gets more impressive every year, and it now includes three editions of The Room, as well as an intriguing jetpack game for Samsung VR. But The Room 3, released late in 2016, is now the best of the bunch. Building on its two predecessors, The Room Three is a stunningly rendered puzzle/escape the room quest that can creep you out and thrill you at the same time. This series has always been a little flimsy when it comes to the plot that Fireproof attempts to thread through the various puzzles you need to solve, but it's almost better for it. The mystery feels elusive, and the puzzles are that much more fascinating as a result. But above all else, these games are flat-out beautiful.

Star Wars: Uprising

One could debate all day what the best RPG options for Android are, and there's no correct answer out there. This is simply a very popular category. As a result, developers pay a lot of attention to it and have crafted some pretty great games over the years. But given the Star Wars craze accompanying the December release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this particular RPG is one of the most interesting options out there right now. Released in the autumn of 2016, it's a traditional but very expansive RPG built to let you design your own Star Wars heroes and battle the Empire either alone or alongside friends in co-op.

Plants vs Zombies 2

We can’t finish this list without mentioning the astounding and addictive game known as Plants versus Zombies. As suggested by many gaming experts know, PVZ is by far one of the greatest and most popular zombie games in the history of gaming. Whether you use cheats to get a head of the game or simply play by the rules, you’ll find that you’ll get hooked FOR DAYS playing this game!

While we wait for 2017 to produce its own new and exciting gaming apps, these five can help you to refresh your collection with some genuine, lasting entertainment. If you're looking to earn some real money, besides having a good game, give M88 a shot! Rake as much moolah as you can while you are good at it!