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How to Play Mobile Web Browser Slots

Mobile slots have become the most popular choice of the online gambling industry today. The extensive use of smartphones has contributed to this, with around 2 billion people having access to smartphones. Mobile web browser slots of casino games have some undeniable advantages over the traditional desktop slots. These offer a great deal of convenience in terms of accessibility, allowing players to play on the go.

Another positive feature is the ease in handling these slots as they are quick to play on the touch screen of a mobile device. Mobile slots contribute to more than 35% of the casino market. This trend has resulted in almost all major online casinos and software developers optimising their games for operating on a mobile platform. One of the reputed online casino – Monster Casino has now launched brand new slots for desktop and as well as for mobile phones simultaneously. Almost all games striking in the casino market supports all major mobile devices, players can log-in anytime and anywhere to play their favourite casino games on the go.

Access a wide range of mobile slots directly from your smartphone’s web browser

There is a huge range of mobile casino games available from all leading software providers for players to choose from. Mobile slots provide players with the two options of either playing on the casino's mobile site or on a mobile app. For players who find it inconvenient to download the software, mobile browser slots are your best bet.

These are compatible with all mobile and tablet devices operating on iOS, Blackberry and Android OS. Android devices contribute a major share of UK mobile slot players at around 45%. That is nearly half the mobile casino player’s access games from their Android operated device. iOS devices hold a market share of nearly 28% of mobile slot players. Most mobile casino games also operate Windows and Blackberry operating platforms.

To access mobile casino games and slots all you need is a mobile web browser, which is now a staple in almost all new mobile devices. By entering the web address of the online casino games you wish to play you can easily access the casino’s mobile version games. Once you reach the site, you can directly play from your browser without downloading any software. However, some Blackberry operated devices may require download of the game software.

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Most mobile casinos offer mobile slots using Adobe Flash Player and the latest HTML5 technology that are easily readable by major operating platforms. Get the best gaming experience out of these slots, especially instant play slots, by upgrading your mobile browser to the latest version available. Currently, Safari 5 for Apple users and Chrome 25 for Android users can help them make the most out of it.