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Superstitions and Beliefs in Las Vegas Casinos

Apart from the games of skills and strategies, each single win in a casino is associated with sheer luck. If lady luck is favouring you, then you keep winning jackpots one after the other. This has given rise to various beliefs and superstitions amongst gamblers all over the world.  Casinos in Las Vegas are no different. It wouldn’t be hard for you to figure out the players having their own set of beliefs that have impacted their luck in casino games. Quirky rituals and the way players dress up have a lot to convey about the beliefs that they stick to in order to get lucky in a game.   

One of the UK’s leading online casinos, Vegas Mobile Casino complies a list of such beliefs:

Dressing for success

There are several superstitions surroundings around what the player wears to a casino. Every player has something or the other that they consider being lucky. A player may have a lucky shirt or any other piece of clothing bringing great results at the poker table. On the other hand, there are several players who avoid wearing a certain piece of clothing to get lucky at the casino. For instance, roulette players are of the belief that not wearing socks while hitting a casino can shoot up their luck.  

The game of colours

The player of almost all the casinos in Las Vegas consider colour to be a prime factor in boosting their luck. Players prefer wearing outfits of colours that enhance their luck and refrain from wearing those that don’t offer any kind of help. There isn’t any standardised rule associated with the kind of colours that help the players. A player may find green lucky whereas the same colour can prove to be the kiss of death for another player. This is a classic example of how superstition is dependent on personal experiences.     

Playing with Numbers

Number 7 is immensely popular amongst online casino players at Vegas Mobile Casino and number 13 is blamed for being unlucky. This is more dependent on the cultures around the world that have their own set of lucky and unlucky numbers. For instance, Italians consider 13 as lucky. Spanish people believe that the number 15 brings them pure luck. Russians believe that all even numbers are unlucky. One of the most popular superstition in Vegas Casinos is that the players never use 50 dollar bills for settling gambling debts and to pay for the chips. This is considered to be unlucky while receiving a payment or while paying a debt.