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Pros & Cons of Piracy on the Web

Internet Piracy is one cybercrime that is raising a lot of dust at the moment. It is now common placed on the internet, which is why many of us don’t take it seriously. But notwithstanding, piracy is a pretty big issue that is now as threatening as ever.
Nowadays, most internet users prefer going for free stuffs instead of doling out their money for the original thing. Most content creators take steps to set up legal boundaries which put them in position to either enable or disallow the sharing of their work. However, this has achieved very little in curbing piracy.
No doubt, even before it appeared on the web, piracy has been a pressing concern for media moguls who have tirelessly spent both their money and time combating it. But it seems the negative outcome has weakened over the years, especially since the evolution of the digital world. Almost every one of us have downloaded, printed, shared or copied something that we were not supposed to. It could be music, movie, code, text, an app, or games like those in
Whether we recognize it or not, web piracy is illegal and it’s no different from theft. It cheats media creators out of the money they are entitled to from their work. But it's obvious it's not taken very seriously, otherwise the authorities involved would be doing more to stop it. And this is exactly why there's such an ambiguous view on piracy especially in countries that do not regard US laws. In most cases, damage is largely done because the repercussion is evidently isolated.
Whether it’s a song, game, movie or software, free downloading helps in promoting artists and companies. There are many celebrities today who wouldn’t have been known in many places if their work wasn’t shared and distributed for free.
Also, some people may eventually decide to purchase a music album or software package after using the pirated copy. In order words, there are many digital content that would never have been purchased increasingly if there weren’t pirated.
Not everyone can afford to pay $30 for a song or $800 for Photoshop, especially young people in colleges and high school. Some of the companies selling these stuffs make between millions and billions of dollars every year, yet they continue to exploit us. Now, is there any good will in that?
So, you can’t blame many people for liking the free option. Who would rather pay $30 for a song they could easily download for FREE? Even some of us who got the money don’t want to spend it purchasing software, movie or music that is expensive.

Like we said earlier, pirating is theft and illegal, so no reason, no matter how seemingly genuine, can justify the action. It is wrong to take or claim any content that belongs to someone else without the after all time and energy expended in writing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even take up to a minute to copy and paste any blog that interests you. This is wrong. A worker definitely deserves his wages!
When music is pirated, some artiste especially those, whose revenue is gotten majorly from sales, may find it difficult to settle their bills.

As it stands now, it’s pretty difficult to see which outweighs the other, whether it’s the pros or cons of piracy. But maybe the laws could be tweaked to protect owners when they can be harmed. Other than that, the internet should be a free world!