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Tools for Optimizing Android System Performance

Any phone model, no matter how smart or advanced, will eventually become a bit slower in time once it is filled up with a lot of files and apps. This overload leads to delays which are very frustrating when you really need your phone to be spot on. Luckily, there are quite a lot of tools and apps out there that help with removing unnecessary files and speeding up your mobile phone. Let’s have a look at the top 3 of these apps that you should really install on your phone.
SD Maid
The order in which these apps are displayed here is not that important because all of them are just awesome and it’s very hard to distinguish a clear winner. Even so, the SD Maid made it to the top spot in the list because it has a great of functions even in the free version. In the lobby of the app, you will see the CorpseFinder, AppCleaner, Dtabases and SystemCleaner menus. These are autonomous tools that perform different tasks on your phone.
CorpseFinder looks and deletes any fragments of data left from apps that you already removed from your phone. SystemCleaner performs a scan to look for files that can be deleted without causing any issues to the performance of the phone and apps. AppCleaner is a pro function and it frees up space by removing data that apps are not using anymore. The last function, Databases, uses an SQL VACUUM query to release any empty pages.
This app is usual of such tops simply because it does an awesome job at extending the battery life for any android phone out there. It’s a straight-forward app that mainly focuses on your battery lasting as long as possible and it does that by controlling the apps the phone is using. Once you install it and set it up, it just does its job without any intervention from the user side, however, you can always open it and give it a little tweak. Like maybe adding the app for Mecca Bingo play online on the exceptions list if you’re really serious about your bingo.  The app is totally free to use and it does not require a purchase in order to benefit of its full power. It also has an experimental boost mode that speeds up your phone even more, however, being experimental and all, we won’t focus on that for too long.
File Commander
You’d be surprised to learn that most of the time your phone is slow at accessing information stored on it simply because it gets confused on where to find it. And file management is not fun in any way, however, it can really improve the performance of your Android system by organizing and optimizing folders and files on your smartphone. Besides the speeding-up and organizing part, File Commander also gives you the option to connect your phone to the computer while using the same Wi-Fi network or sharing your screen with other 5 phones, in the same circumstances. Just when you think there’s nothing more than an app can do, wait until you hear that File Commander also gives you the possibility to encrypt and hide certain files on your phone.

So, there you go 3 apps that will definitely make your phone a lot faster and agile. What other apps do you use to boost your phone? Share with us in the comments section.