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WordPress Just Got Even Easier, as Integration with Google Photos Announced

These days, practically everyone has a website. If you think that sounds like an exaggeration, just take a look at the live stats and you will see that there are more than 1.25 billion sites, and the number is literally growing by the second. Even more astonishing is that more than a quarter of these sites are built on WordPress. The recent news of integration with Google Photos could send that ratio even higher.

Why WordPress?
There are other alternatives out there, but if you are planning on joining the 1.25 billion with a website or blog of your own, there is really little point in looking beyond WordPress. It does all that you could want it to do, there is a robust and established support network, and a choice of hosting companies will be beating your door down to offer you the best Wordpress deals and discount coupons to send your business their way.

Integration with Google Photos
When the world’s most popular content management system teams up with a service like Google Photos, which has the small matter of half a billion users, it is big news. A picture says a thousand words, and this latest link up will make it easier than ever to upload images to your site.

How it works
As you might expect with two platforms that pride themselves on being intuitive and user friendly, the functionality is as smooth as silk and could not be easier to use. All you need to do is select “Photos from your Google library” as your media source. You will then be provided with a prompt to link your WordPress account to your Google account. Once you’ve made the connection, the software should remember it, so there will be no need to do it again.
If you are one of the millions who has their photos in a disorganised mess, there is a handy image recognition tool that Google released back in 2015. The great news is that this works with WordPress too, so you can use simple keyword searches to find the images you want.
Then, it is simply a case of hitting “Insert” and the image will be transferred straight to your WordPress image library.

More integration to follow
According to WordPress, this is just the beginning, and the company intends to roll out additional integration and enhanced functionality in the weeks and months to come. It seems there has never been a better time to create that WordPress site, so why not give it a go?