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The Most Innovative Car Technology Trends In 2017

Technology is constantly developing and changing in many different sectors. From augmented reality apps that are changing the online shopping experience to new smartphone innovations, technology is changing the world around us – and one industry that is rapidly changing is the car industry.
The automotive world has always tended to move quickly; last year saw the launch of high quality 3-D graphics subsystems being installed in cars, as well as a push for driverless cars. Now new innovations are completely changing the driving experience for everyone, from full time truck drivers to casual weekend car enthusiasts. Here are some of the most innovative car technology trends in 2017.

Autonomous Cars
Driverless cars were a hot topic for the media in 2016, but it will take a few more years for cars to be able to drive completely without any human assistance; Ford predict that they will mass producing autonomous cars by 2021. For now the big trend is cars with autonomous features, such as self-parking cars and cars with adaptive cruise control. This makes driving much easier, and most studies indicate that this is safer than parking the car yourself.
Override Systems
Override systems are similar to autonomous car technology, but it is slightly different as the car is making the ‘decision’ to override your commands and make its own decision. A good example of this is cars that stop if you don’t put the brakes on in time, which helps to ensure that people are safer on the roads. This will reduce the risk of road accidents, and it will also improve the driving experience for many people, so it isn’t hard to see why it is a popular car trend for 2017.
Specialized Car Apps
Specialized car apps have become hugely popular in 2017. One great example is the HWY Pro, an app that was specifically designed for full time, long distance truck drivers. The app will let the driver know about nearby pick up points, as well as providing useful payment information about when you will be paid and how much you have been paid.
This makes it much easier for truckers to focus on their job without worrying about little things. The app was created by entrepreneur Bill Busbice Jr, and so far it has proved to be very successful.
There are lots of recent car innovations that are transforming the driving experience for everyone. From apps that make it easier for truck drivers to do their jobs to driverless cars that reduce the risks of accident, technology is changing the way that people look at driving.