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How Gems plans to revolutionize the Micro Tasks industry

Gems is an upcoming decentralized protocol that plans to revolutionize the Micro Tasks sector. Based on Ethereum, Gems envisages novel approaches - made possible by the blockchain technology - to iron out the shortcomings of Amazon MTurk, CrowdFlower and the likes. Led by a team of Rory O'Reilly and Kieran O'Reilly, the project has advisors ranging from the likes of Biz Stone (Co-founder, Twitter, Medium), Ben Maurer (Co-founder, reCaptcha) and Joe Urgo (Co-founder, district0x).

The major features of the planned protocol include reducing the hefty fees charged in the current market to zero, enabling faster payments, and improving the efficiency and pay of the workers by reducing redundancy. Right now, a micro task needs to be completed by 5-15 workers in order to form a consensus, and to ensure that malicious actors don't lead to the wrong execution of a micro task. Gems, on the other hand, plans to use the concept of staking Gems tokens in order to enforce quality output from the workers. All workers will have a trust score assigned to them based on the quality of the work done by them. Low trust score individuals will be removed from the system, thus leading to quality work for the requesters, and higher pay for the workers.

The project seems like an apt fit for the blockchain technology. Only time will tell how well the team manages to pull it off, but at the moment, it sure looks like a promising bet.

Here's how Gems compares with its current competition.

And here's a quick infographic I sketched up for the Gems protocol.